Luís Reis

Luís Reis

Luis has over 20 years’ experience in tech, industry, mobility and transportation and is an expert and pioneer in new mobility concepts and solutions.
Luis is currently Senior Manager Lead for Transport, Mobility and Smart Territories at Axians Portugal, a Vinci Energies Group company.

Luis just terminated his role as a member of the board of the eMobility ICT Interoperability Innovation, eMI³, a Belgian association of most relevant actors in the global Electric Vehicles market who joined forces to harmonize the ICT data definitions, formats, interfaces, and exchange mechanisms in order to enable a common language among all ICT platforms for Electric.He just terminated a second term as Vice-President of the Portuguese Electric Vehicles Association.

Luis’ academic background comprises a five-year degree in Chemical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Engineering and Technology Management, both at Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa.

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