Rui Vinhas da Silva

Rui Vinhas da Silva

Rui Vinhas da Silva is Full Professor at ISCTE Business School and Executive Board Member at ISCTE Executive Education. He was Chairman of the Board at COMPETE 2020 (Dec. 2014-May 2016). He has Degrees in Business Management (BAS) and (BAS Honours-Marketing) and Economics (BA) from York University, Atkinson College, Toronto, Canada, an MBA from Aston Business School, UK and a PhD and Post-Doctorate from Manchester Business School, UK. Before joining ISCTE in April 2010, he was an Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) (2008) at MBS (Assistant Professor since 1998). He taught on MBA and PhD programmes at MBS for over 12 years. Since 1998 he taught on several senior executive training programs and held consultancy appointments through MBS. These included: PWC in Baskin Ridge, NJ (April 2008) AMAC (British Senior Military officers) (2000-2004), TACIS (Senior Executives- Russia) (2000-2002), or government officials in Port Dickson, Malaysia (May, 2009).
Vinhas da Silva was Visiting Professor at the U.S.Paulo (FEA) (2000-2004) and taught on MBA programs (Retail). He taught Executive Masters programs (Logistics) at ISCTE-INDEG, IST (2000-2005) and UCP (2011). Vinhas da Silva has interests in national competitiveness, country branding, reputation and country of origin effects. He has published several books and articles including:

"Porque não Cresce a Economia Portuguesa? Uma Viagem ao Mundo das Boas Empresas de Portugal" (2018), Caleidoscópio, ISBN 978-989-658-547-1

“Competitiveness in the Real Economy: Value Aggregation, Economics and Management in the Provision of Goods and Services”, (2013), Gower Publishers, ISBN 978-140-946-122-7

“A Competitividade das Nações no Século XXI: Um Roadmap Estratégico para a Economia Portuguesa” (2013) com Natália Teixeira, Caleidoscópio, ISBN 978-989-658-221-0

“Os Novos Desafios da Economia Global: Uma Visão Crítica da Competitividade Nacional” (2010) Caleidoscópio, ISBN 978-989-658-060-5

"Corporate Reputation and Competitiveness" (2002) Routledge, Davies, Chun, Vinhas da Silva and Roper