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Do you want to attain a global standing in management?_

Differentiating program in the Portuguese, present in the Financial Times ranking of the best European Executive MBA's, which has almost two decades of affirmation and development, and that prepares participants for a professional change and personal in order to empower them for top positions and management positions.t.


Sep to Mar | 18 months


Friday 5.30 - 9.45 pm | Saturday 9 am- 1.15pm


MBA Diploma


Training Area


English | Portuguese


In person




4th phase until 22.07 | -7,5% discount
23.032,5 €



Why choose the Executive MBA?_

Leadership Development

The program entails an integrated leadership development plan, in conjunction with the Marine Leadership School


The members of faculty are highly qualified and experienced academics with vast and relevant professional experience

International component at the London Business School

Includes modular experience at London Business School, one of the world's most prestigious business schools

EMBA Career Center

It is a distinctive development programme designed to enhance the transformational journey of each student. An experienced and multidisciplinary team of experts in human development, careers, training, communication and executive recruitment will work side-by-side with each individual, throughout the three semesters, with initiatives developed for each stage.

High international recognition

The Executive MBA stands out in the ranking of the Financial Times European Business Schools 2023, occupying the TOP#100 in the World . It is also the only Executive MBA in Lisbon in Top 50 Europe of the QS Executive MBA Ranking 2023.

Workshops, Meetings and Events

Thematic meetings, workshops and breakfasts with top management and CEO's of the most relevant companies are entailed in the program

Social Responsibility

The program encompasses a set of activities that fall within the realm of Corporate Social Responsibility


The program promotes a fruitful and mature network between participants and faculty, who come from all walks of life, the most diverse areas and sectors of activity, with varied and rich backgrounds and professional experiences

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For whom?_

For managers of companies and organisations, or for those who want a career change and have over 5 years of working experience and wish to undergo a transformational process in their lives and jobs, allowing them to position themselves at global management level and preparing them for the demanding challenges of top management.

With an average age of around 40 plus years and originating from all sectors of activity and academic backgounds, the Executive MBA is a solid and established programme in the executive training market and arguably one of the key career building elements for those who participate in it.


Our Executive MBA stands out in the "Financial Times European Business Schools 2023" ranking, occupying the T0p #100.

One of the criteria that makes us stand out the most from the other Executive MBAs in Portugal is the fact that we register the higher salaries after 3 years of concluding the programme. 

We also distinguish ourselves due to being the 1st school in Portugal for international student diversity; 1st school in Portugal for overseas programs; 5th world's fastest growing.

It's the experience and quality of our students, along with the professional, academic and pedagogical quality of our faculty, as well as the effort and support from our staff, that allows Iscte Executive Education to be recognized in this field. This is a well-deserved international recognition and we could not be happier about it. 

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1st Year

  • Corporate Financial Reporting
    Operations & Supply Chain Management
    Strategic Management of People
    Research and Data Analytics
    Corporate Finance
    Corporate Strategy
    Markets and Economics
    Leadership and Motivation
    2 optional CUs

2nd Year

  • Performance Analysis and Management Control
    Digital Transformation in Business Management
    Ethics and Business Sustainability
    Agile Organizations
    Business Challenge
    Management Topics (at London Business School)

Tuition fee_

The investment in the program is 22.500€

This value includes:

  • _Acess to do ISCTE-IUL library;
  • _Acess to ISCTE-IUL VPN ;
  • _Participation in Welcome Day;
  • _Coffee-breaks;
  • _Travel and stay in both national residential periods and international travel;
  • _Parking.

Payment Schedule_

Application fee - 100 €

Application fee Date Percentage
1st Installment Upon Registration 15%
2nd Installment October 2022 5%
3rd Installment November 2022 5%
4th Installment December 2022 5%
5th Installment January 2023 5%
6th Installment February 2023 5%
7th Installment March 2023 5%
8th Installment April 2023 5%
9th Installment May 2023 5%
10th Installment June 2023 5%
11th Installment July 2023 5%
12th Installment September 2023 10%
13th Installment October 2023 5%
14th Installment November 2023 5%
15th Installment December 2023 5%
16th Installment January 2024 5%
17th Installment February 2024 5%

(*) Maximum cumulative discount of 20%, including special conditions, to be reflected in the last installment(s).


The Executive MBA has been an enriching experience because of the knowledge acquired, the consolidation of past professional experience and the contact with new ways of being. We are put in front of real situations reported by top decision-makers, we develop self-knowledge, the ability to think strategically, to listen empathetically, to win the floor when it makes sense, to argue and know when to back down, to give and receive feedback, characteristics that become superpowers. I feel like a better person and professional today. I owe this to the teachers and participants of the Executive MBA, a group of professionals of the highest quality and human values, whom I now see as friends.
Susana Barbosa
Susana Barbosa Head of Information and Technology Department at CMVM
The decision to return to study must be part of an inner reflection and have the support of the family. Joining the Executive MBA (EMBA) programme at ISCTE Executive Education was the right decision, with a huge impact on my professional and personal development. Attending the EMBA allowed me to gain management and leadership skills that I didn't think I had. I feel like a completely transformed person, aligned with my purpose and mission. This long but rewarding journey has been greatly enriched by the exchange of experiences between all my classmates and teachers. I feel ready for new challenges!
Bruno Lamez
Bruno Lamez Civil Engineer at TotalEnergies Renewables Portugal
I found the MBA a very enriching experience, not only because of what we did with our colleagues and what we learned from them, due to their different professional backgrounds, but also because of the teachers, their experience and the theories they studied. One of the most important things for me was, in fact, the subjects we did, such as Marketing, Finance, and I was able to delve into them even more, as I was already working with them a bit. I especially liked the final part, when we had the chance to go to London and spend more time with our colleagues, and the teachers were fantastic, and we learned a lot during that week, which obviously helped us to deepen our relationships. I would absolutely recommend it to those who like it and who have a profile, because it depends on each one of us, but for me it was a good fit. I'm a person who likes to study, likes to evolve, likes to grow and, for those who like to do so, the Executive MBA is undoubtedly the right choice.
Bruno Jacinto
Bruno Jacinto Global IT MES Senior Program Manager at Ferring Pharmaceuticals
My motivation for coming to Iscte Executive Education's EMBA was to increase my knowledge in the area of Organizational Management, in the Financial area, which was something I had no knowledge of, as I come from a technical area, an IT area. My professional experience has been greatly enhanced, and my experience with my colleagues in management and senior management has been very enriching. I consider it to have been a totally rewarding and fulfilling journey.
Fernando Vicente
Fernando Vicente Head of Projects Development and Innovation, SIBS Multicert
It was an incredible experience, not only because I had the opportunity to listen to some professors who have impressive experience and knowledge of the MBA areas, but also because of the colleagues, the sharing, the networking that takes place, the interaction, the team spirit - it really is a fantastic experience that I would advise everyone to do. It's very difficult, very hard work, but in the end it's a reward, a very good achievement, both professionally and personally, because there's a great enrichment of our knowledge, but also of contact with other people. It's fantastic and I really recommend it.
Cristina Fialho
Cristina Fialho Head of Medical Affairs Oncology at Janssen Pharmaceutical
I did the Executive MBA from 2013 to 2015 and the impact was notable, because at the time I did it, I was in government, as deputy to the Minister of Solidarity and Social Security. And that moment happened in an attempt to change, in a search for a career change back to the private sector. That's why I finished my MBA just as I finished my term in government. And I'm sure that Iscte Executive Education and the MBA helped me find and seize the opportunity I have today.
João Maria Condeixa
João Maria Condeixa External Affairs Director Lead and Board Member at Janssen Portugal
Enrolling in the Executive MBA, which I recently completed, allowed me to embark in an 18-month learning adventure that exceeded my expectations both at a personal and professional level. Being able to analyze challenges in a broader way, taking into consideration perspectives, strategies and relations in an holistic and methodical approach, as well as the self-knowledge and self-reflection moments throughout the program, allowed me to work on my own personal profile and were a crucial point to achieve a stronger, more confident and consistent positioning. I am 100% sure that this was the right step in my personal and professional development. I strongly recommend this Executive MBA!
André Loureiro
André Loureiro Project and Construction Submanager at EDP Global Solutions
I have a feeling that my life will never be the same. The Executive MBA allowed me to develop fundamental concepts in management and leadership, and its broad contents have been essential in my professional path. I acquired and renewed knowledge in very interesting fields, such as Finance, Marketing, People Management, Sustainability, among others. At a personal level, it was an outstanding experience: being able to learn along 43 other students, each with different professional backgrounds, allowed me to network and connect with several top managers at a national and international level. I believe that this experience will allow me to grow as a manager and broaden horizons in order to fulfill my professional goals, especially regarding my company's internationalization process. My life has changed completely after the Executive MBA!
Alexandra Padinha
Alexandra Padinha CEO at Cidália Cabeleireiros
Iscte Executive Education's Executive MBA is, clearly, a moment of self-evaluation in our lives, a moment of exposure where we put ourselves to test in the most varied fields. It stimulates a reevaluation of our professional paths, providing a new way of looking out to the world. The blending of many different people, coming from many different fields, enriches the learning process in an extraordinary way. I can say that these 18 months were filled with great excitement, completely different from previous experiences. I created a network of friends for life. It was a great experience!
Bruno Pica
Bruno Pica Senior Advisor of the Vice Admiral Superintendent of Material at Portuguese Navy
Attending the ISCTE Executive MBA was an outstanding experience, which contributed to my personal and professional development. The quality and comprehensiveness of the programme, together with a high quality teaching staff with academic and professional experience, enabled us to acquire a wide range of knowledge and skills, which allow us to embrace new professional challenges.
António Cardoso
António Cardoso Head of the Administration and Taxation Division “ Portuguese Navy
What would life be without good foundations? The Executive MBA is a fundamental pillar, which lays the foundations for our future and allows us to build a solid career, with knowledge and holistic vision! I decided to put my hands to work and with the completion of this training I consolidated knowledge and obtained fundamental tools that have strengthened, strengthen and will strengthen my future!
Sónia Diniz
Sónia Diniz Clinic Director of the first Sustainable Veterinary Clinic in “ the country - Cascaisvet, Entrepreneur and Investor
The knowledge update, the strategic vision of top management, the day-to-day adequacy to new technologies and people leadership, were the most important tools that were fostered by the Executive MBA and that allowed me to evolve as a professional and sustain my career progression.
Nuno Bettencourt  Pereira
Nuno Bettencourt Pereira Audit Partner at Deloitte
At the end of the course, after many curricular units, the challenge was overcome and the objectives were fully achieved: today I am a person with a broader vision in different fields of management, but also more resilient and prepared to face future challenges, as a result, not only of the contents provided in the Executive MBA programme, but also of the numerous group works, focused on real problems, of the coaching programme and of sharing experiences with colleagues and teachers, all with different backgrounds.
Lara Fernandes
Lara Fernandes Coordinator of the Bank of Portugal


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