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In an increasingly globalised and ever-changing world, it is important for us as professionals to keep abreast of these changes and proactively be a driver of this change. After 18 years of experience in the product processing industry, it was time to embrace new challenges "in the world of logistics operations" and with it, a paradigm shift in my professional activity. In this programme I sought to acquire new knowledge, consolidate others already acquired, share experiences and hear "in person" new perspectives from experienced professionals. Iscte Executive Education's Postgraduate Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management has excellent, highly qualified professionals on its teaching staff who, throughout the programme, shared practical and theoretical concepts of trends in the sector, as well as a "state of the art" view of the different dimensions linked to logistics and the supply chain. The immersive weekend was the culmination of several months' work, allowing us to put all the knowledge we've acquired to the test in a real-life context, in a practical and collaborative way. The path I have travelled over the last six months will certainly have a positive impact on my career, allowing me to apply the knowledge I have acquired more effectively and objectively. The fact that this postgraduate course has different professionals from the sector who, like me, have sought to broaden their range of skills, has allowed me to develop valuable networking during this short and intense academic journey. That said, I recommend this Postgraduate Programme to all professionals in the field who want to deepen their knowledge and experience in the area of logistics operations.
Nuno Manaia
Nuno Manaia Director at Plural+udifar
Enrolling in the Executive MBA, which I recently completed, allowed me to embark in an 18-month learning adventure that exceeded my expectations both at a personal and professional level. Being able to analyze challenges in a broader way, taking into consideration perspectives, strategies and relations in an holistic and methodical approach, as well as the self-knowledge and self-reflection moments throughout the program, allowed me to work on my own personal profile and were a crucial point to achieve a stronger, more confident and consistent positioning. I am 100% sure that this was the right step in my personal and professional development. I strongly recommend this Executive MBA!
André Loureiro
André Loureiro Project and Construction Submanager at EDP Global Solutions
Marta Graça Ferreira
Marta Graça Ferreira Chief Executive Officer at Real Vida Seguros S.A
I have a feeling that my life will never be the same. The Executive MBA allowed me to develop fundamental concepts in management and leadership, and its broad contents have been essential in my professional path. I acquired and renewed knowledge in very interesting fields, such as Finance, Marketing, People Management, Sustainability, among others. At a personal level, it was an outstanding experience: being able to learn along 43 other students, each with different professional backgrounds, allowed me to network and connect with several top managers at a national and international level. I believe that this experience will allow me to grow as a manager and broaden horizons in order to fulfill my professional goals, especially regarding my company's internationalization process. My life has changed completely after the Executive MBA!
Alexandra Padinha
Alexandra Padinha CEO at Cidália Cabeleireiros
Iscte Executive Education's Executive MBA is, clearly, a moment of self-evaluation in our lives, a moment of exposure where we put ourselves to test in the most varied fields. It stimulates a reevaluation of our professional paths, providing a new way of looking out to the world. The blending of many different people, coming from many different fields, enriches the learning process in an extraordinary way. I can say that these 18 months were filled with great excitement, completely different from previous experiences. I created a network of friends for life. It was a great experience!
Bruno Pica
Bruno Pica Senior Advisor of the Vice Admiral Superintendent of Material at Portuguese Navy
This Executive MBA provided me with the necessary tools and skills to face challenges with greater confidence. This program also had a relevant impact at a professional level, improving my skills in the finance, business strategy and people management areas.
Ricardo Grilo
Ricardo Grilo Operations Manager at Atral Labs
I now feel that I have become much more complete at both a personal and professional level, capable of adapting myself to new situations and with a great desire of maximizing my potential to the fullest.
Rita Pina
Rita Pina Supply Chain Manager at Bacardi-Martini
In a global context of great competition, it is necessary to ally solid and technical skills to great leadership potential. The Executive Master in Project and Program Management allows its participants to transform information into knowledge by balancing these skills and applying them to decision-making processes.  My return to the academic field turned out to be a great add-on to my work experience. It managed to surpass all of my expectations, either in terms of applied knowledge and content, as well as regarding the faculty and networking experience.
Joana Baldaia
Joana Baldaia Project Manager | The Navigator Company The Navigator Company
My experience as a student in the Post-Graduate course in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Iscte Executive Education was focused around interacting with some realities faced in the corporate logistics field, as well as understanding how everything works and applying it to real cases. I also highlight the connection built between faculty, peers and staff, which made me feel like I was in a true family environment. We also experienced a Intensive Challenge Weekend, exclusively dedicated to the challenges that the Logistics area faces in the field, with the presence of an experienced Logistics Operator from Santos & Vale, where we could apply all the acquired knowledge to corporate practices. For those who are interested in learning more about this area, Iscte should be the place to start.
Ana Branco
Ana Branco DEAR Develop Employ / Activities and Resources
After 4 years of working in the Management Control area, I figured that it would be the right time to broaden my knowledge through advanced and professional education. The Executive Master in Management Control and Performance allowed me to boost my professional growth, since I acquired skills in fields that I usually don't have contact with on a daily basis, managing to build a bridge between the addressed contents. Even though this took place during the pandemic, I managed to deepen my knowledge though the sharing of experiences from both faculty and peers.
Daniela Miguel
Daniela Miguel Management Control Operator - Luz Saúde, SA.
The best academic investment I've ever made. I feel even more skilled and ready to face the challenges and uncertainties of the job market in this new 4.0 era. Faculty with great experience and profissionalism. Surpassed my expectations due to always being ready to help and pass knowledge, applying it to the real job market environment. Updated contents and a mutual knowledge-sharing experience between faculty and peers, which allowed us to discover different practices in various fields and boost our program experience. Comfortable and safe facilities with a very nice staff, always available to help.
Marco Neves
Marco Neves
Almost reaching the final step of one of my biggest challenges in life! The Executive MBA allowed me to boost my strategic development, safety in decision-making processes and became an unforgettable networking experience. Its benefits were recognized inside my company, allowing me to be in charge of new challenges and resulting in internal career progression.
Catarina Dinis
Catarina Dinis Risk and Compliance Manager at EDP Global Solutions
This post-graduate course was a real pivotal step in my HFF professional path. With dense contents and a strong practical component, this program allowed me to update and apply knowledge to real-life cases, knowledge that I acquired with great peers. I also became more demanding with myself and with the organization I work for, making me search for further knowledge with a high quality faculty. This was an important step that allowed me to enroll in a Master's Degree in Management!
Patrícia Martins
Patrícia Martins  Mental Health's Program Contract Management | Clinical Investigation and Management Support Unit | Hospital Prof. Dr. Fernando Fonseca (HFF)
The Applied Online Program in Logistics and Supply Chain Management ended in an Intensive Challenge Weekend where we had to work in different challenges in the logistics field, which we believe that will add a lot to new professional paths. Being enrolled in an online course , the fact that we managed to gather around after 6 months and get to know each other personally allowed us to create even more value together.
Hélia Filipe
Hélia Filipe Category Planner | Note, Sonae MC
For those who search for professional development in the financial area, the Post-Graduate in Financial Markets and Risks is an excellent place to start. Besides offering a wide vision of the field, it also takes a deep look to the various market players and allows for the balancing of both theorical content and practical approach. With a progressive level in terms of being complex and having a very technical nature, this program distinguishes itself from others due to the fact that it has students with different backgrounds and manages to target everyone's needs. I finish this important step in my life knowing that it will contribute to maximizing my skills.
Bárbara Brito
Bárbara Brito Transfer Pricing Senior Consultant at KPMG Portugal
I strongly recommend the Applied Online Program in Corporate Finance and Control, a program that exceeded my expectations by being truly innovative and 100% online, having an experienced faculty and being focused in deepening knowledge regarding corporate practices and applying it to real life cases. It really enriches any professional that embraces this adventure. By selecting students with diverse backgrounds, it allows for a valuable knowledge and experience exchange, targets debate and represents an additional value to everyone. I cross this final line being aware that I have gained a lot of knowledge that will surely be used throughout my professional path.
Fátima da Silva Lucas
Fátima da Silva Lucas Chief Financial Officer
One of the most relevant things that we can teach to the new generations is that we, as humans, need to be constantly in touch with ongoing learning. Taking the Executive MBA was a remarkable experience, not only due to the acquired knowledge, faculty experience and its structure but mostly due to its collaboration environment. A very  important lesson to be taken throughout life. I boosted my skills and once again confirmed how sharing is important to make us fly away.
Graça Oliveira
Graça Oliveira Head of B2B Marketing CTT
I chose the Master's Degree in Applied Management due to the fact that the market is in constant change, and I felt the need to deepen my knowledge in the Management field. All of the contents and the classes themselves have a real applicational side, with a lot of business cases and examples, which made it easier to learn and came across as something really useful in life. Enrolling in this Master's Degree was something very positive, which even allowed for a recent professional change. The building's facilities have the best conditions and I felt a very close support from all the faculty and the staff, always willing to help me and answer my doubts in the best possible way.
Pedro Porto
Pedro Porto Sales Budgeting at HI FLY
Iscte Executive Education's Executive MBA allowed me to overcome an obstacle that made me get in touch with new people, new perspectives and more knowledge,
Joana Fernandes
Joana Fernandes Director at PwC
João Rocha
João Rocha Operations and Business Development Manager at Santos&Vale
Doroteia Serrão
Doroteia Serrão Controlling Director at Grupo Vendap
Pedro Nunes
Pedro Nunes Controlling Director at Grupo Vendap
The Executive MBA program was a key-essential point for my personal and professional development. As a Branding, Communication and Sustainability manager at CTT Correios de Portugal, I feel even more capable of performing the tasks and duties that were confided to me, after being able to develop an analytical and rational component and earning a stronger business point of view of the various fields that concern business management.
Miguel Salema Garção
Miguel Salema Garção Chief Marketing & Sales Officer Grupo YOUR Non-Executive Partner Mobel
Tasking the Executive MBA program at Iscte Executive Education was one of the most relevant decisions I've ever taken in terms of personal realization, both due to the academical experience that I got to live, as well as the opportunities that it offered me in terms of deepening knowledge in the management field. It is an instant-return investment for those who, like me, have job functions that require a very demanding level and regard complex environments. I cannot help but highlight the faculty experience and quality, as well as the excellence in the approached contents. This was completed by the an amazing sharing environment, where the group dynamics lead us to never-before experienced learning levels.
Hélder Rosalino
Hélder Rosalino Administrator at BANCO DE PORTUGAL
I chose Iscte Executive Education's Executive Master in Health Management Services for the following reasons: the faculty's academic excellence and the high demanding degree of the planned contents; the building's facilities, as well as the constantly available administrative support from the staff; the post-work schedule, which really fits the busy life of a husband, father of two children and surgeon at one of the busiest hospitals in Lisbon; and, above all, the relaxing and supporting environment felt between participants, faculty and staff, which revealed a great team spirit between everyone. This program allowed me to deepen knowledge related to the best tools to use in order to face challenges to those who aspire to carry health management functions in Portugal. 
João Miguel Grenho
João Miguel Grenho General Surgery Department Coordinator at Hospital da Luz Oeiras; General Secretary of European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS); Head of the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME)
Rita Pinho
Rita Pinho
What would life be without good foundations? The Executive MBA is a fundamental pillar, which lays the foundations for our future and allows us to build a solid career, with knowledge and holistic vision! I decided to put my hands to work and with the completion of this training I consolidated knowledge and obtained fundamental tools that have strengthened, strengthen and will strengthen my future!
Sónia Diniz
Sónia Diniz Clinic Director of the first Sustainable Veterinary Clinic in “ the country - Cascaisvet, Entrepreneur and Investor


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