ISCTE EE Experience

Why Iscte Executive Education?_

Because we are the first Business School to provide Executive Education in Portugal (1988). We have accumulated more experience through a rich history and with that more responsibility. From the very beginning we have always tried to build a future by systematically overcoming obstacles. We know that we do not lead in every area, nor are we the first in everything. No school ever is.

But we believe that we are the first in pursuing a unique way of doing things across several areas of knowledge. We also believe that we are the first in the way we co-design programmes and engage with businesses and our participants to deliver top-notch programmes. We believe we are first in connecting to a substantial real business base. We lead also on the applicational side which has been our hallmark since inception. This applicational matrix is what makes us sign Real-Life Learning.

Our Purpose_

Our first objective: to be at the forefront of Executive Training when it comes to real-life, applied solutions. What is implicit in this goal is a clear focus on delivering practical, applied solutions to real business problems. This should be the overriding objective of our organisation, a collective imperative that unites us in a common goal. We are thus more obliged to pay full attention to delivering real solutions for real businesses. That is our motto. And we deliver on our promise.

Stimulating talent and personal development

We take responsibility for people as such and choreograph what facilitates their personal development, bringing out the best in them. This process is done in full alignment with our corporate and social objectives.

Promoting organisational development

We equip people with cutting-edge, personalised and applied knowledge that leads to progressive and systemic improvement in a wide range of business indicators

Improve levels of achievement and happiness

We believe that people are at the centre of the organisation and therefore the focal point and major objective of the exercise is to make people happy and fulfilled.


Are true to our heritage and history_


Act with integrity_


Want to move beyond sustainability as a word_

Are committed to excellence_

Strive for continuous improvement_

Are passionate about people_

Uphold respect for individuals_

We promote long-term relationships_

Seek innovation_

Co-create applied knowledge with our stakeholders_

Celebrate together_


Featuring a set of buildings with unmistakable architectural traits, the campus converges into a centre where life, meetings, dialogues and gatherings take place during the day, as well as in the evening.

Located in the city centre, it is set at one end of the urban network of the university city and surrounded by roads and gardens which make this campus unique in its beauty and comfort.

The ISCTE Executive Education building received an honourable mention in 1993, the Valmor prize, a prize that since 1902 distinguishes the architectural quality of buildings in Lisbon. The ISCTE Building II, adjacent to the ISCTE Executive Education building, was the winner, in 2002, of the Valmor prize


Why Living in Lisbon_

Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal. One of the cities in the world where the sea, the river, the magnificent bridges, the sun, urban life, the monumentality and the cosmopolitanism are better combined and transmitted in varied and solid cultural and leisure experiences: restaurants, hotels, real estate, commerce, services and an unforgettable nightlife.

Lisbon is a safe city two hours away from the main European cities and offers an excellent price/quality ratio.

Famous for its light, but also for its weather, Lisbon is the European capital closest to fantastic beaches which allow those who stay here to combine study and work with days well spent by the sea.

Find out more about the Lisbon experience here.

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