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We build Real Solutions_

Consider your company as a case study. The company you want to study, improve and leverage is the best case study and also the best form of customization. With this, we develop customised programmes, designed in partnership with companies/organisations in order to provide high impact, using appropriate content and formats and with the objective of carrying out impactful and lasting transformations.

Get to know our transformation journey.

1. Business diagnosis and/or organisational challenges

We work closely with top management in organisations to identify business issues and/or organisational challenges.

2. Identification of GAP's

We work whitin the realm of human capital and people management to identify skills and/or process gaps.

3. Linking competencies and business needs/organisational needs

We propose a training path for the development of skills and/or processes that promotes an appropriate and customised link to the challenges of the business and/or organisation.

4. We draft totally customised training solutions

We develop training solutions with efficient and effective courses, themes, formats and durations that are adapted to the company/organisation.

5. Testing joint pilot solutions

We carry out pilot training tests with adjustments and fine-tuning of contents and formats involving teachers, mentors and programme coordinators.

6. Delivery

We deliver programmes in face-to-face, online, blended or hybrid formats across every geography and time.

7. Evaluation

We evaluate the transformational impact of the training either on the participants, or on the company's stakeholders, or with the company's stakeholders, or even with teachers and coordinators with the execution of detailed post-training reports.

8. Follow-up

We are rigorous in the follow-up of individuals and/or groups on every key dimensions of the business.

9. Communication

We conduct a joint presentation with the company/organisation with a focus on individual and group level impacts.

10. Building the Future

We integrate all participants and companies/organisations in a vast alumni community with privileged access to events and Knowledge, initiatives and new solutions. We celebrate together.

Corporate solutions_

  • _Co-creation of real solutions: “Your organisation is the case study”
  • _Corporate Academies in Management & Leadership: Design, Implementation & Impact Assessment
  • _One to one mentoring and activity follow-up
  • _Rigour and objectivity in content
  • _Challenges within applied management
  • _Immersive formats with a strong hands-on component with the aim of maximizing impact and efficacy
  • _Follow-up and report always included
  • _ISCTE Executive Education Certificate

Are we going to evaluate the best solution with the Corporate Team?

High Impact, immersive, non
conventional formats_

24 hour challenge

24 hour challenges

24 hour challenges in Real-Life format. Designed to evaluate the performance of teams under pressure in 24 hours, with real and practical consequences and well defined tasks.



Format focused on the development of activities that incorporate gaming into practical reality and mimic practical situations that impact aspects such as relationships, productivity, focus, determination and several others, making it simpler to achieve objectives in an organizational context.

sprint challenge

Sprint challenges

Presentation of one or more problems to a group of people who must cooperate in order to respond in a timely and adequate manner with tangible results and added value deliverables.



A training methodology that uses immersive and very productive dynamics, being especially useful for the development of key leadership skills.


Theater Education

Theatre Education is an important and innovative self-awareness activity that helps, with high effectiveness, to deconstruct behaviours and biased decision making, exploring new ways of seeing and acting in teams, using the dramatic arts played by the participants.

inspirational journeys

Inspirational Journeys

Journeys of inspiration and creation of constructive stimuli for the ideation and knowledge of new ways of doing and leading.


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