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We developed a knowledge centre optimized for your best experience in our website: a knowledge centre in which you can maximize your skills, share your ideas and access the best aspects of learning.

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Gather around and meet our Voices: 67 Voices for Portugal, 101 Voices for Sustainability. Different themes, but always with the same purpose - to bring awareness to those who hear them in order to improve our communities, to make a change and give back to our planet. Join us in this adventure: your voice is important to us, an important part of change. Together, we can build a better world and create the difference.

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Artificial Intelligence Center that intends to promote, disseminate, debate and create knowledge in the area of artificial intelligence applied to any company or sector of activity - and its connections with the management of companies/organizations - in order to become an equidistant pole of knowledge, dissemination and training with impact on society in general and companies and organizations in particular.


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