Executive Master
Management Control & Performance

Master the Real World.


Do you wish to become a complete and intervening professional in Management Control and Performance and create value inside your organization?_

A programme with a huge tradition and a high number of past editions, unique in its value proposition, which structures central skills and knowledge in management control and performance to face complex, competitive and rapidly changing environments, becoming the right choice for those who want to learn or consolidate the excellence of academic thinking and business and organisational practices in the area


Executive Master | Postraduate (with ECTS)


September to June | 9 months


After-Work | Tuesday & Thursday 6:30pm-10:30pm


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Why choose the Executive Master in Management Control and Performance?_

Management Control and Strategy

It addresses Management and Performance Control, from an integrated perspective, with a view to supporting the implementation of the strategic vision and business strategy of organisations with sustainable results

Teaching staff

Provides interaction with a teaching staff of excellence, the most reputable and recognized people in these areas to be found in the Portuguese market, combining a permanent link to business reality with the academic acumen and the production of knowledge in the topics of planning and management control


Allows participation in discussion and idea-sharing forums with top or high-potential teachers and executives, promoting interaction within an exclusive alumni network

Instruments and Measurement

Stimulates the design, development and implementation of instruments for measuring, monitoring, evaluating and managing the performance of managers and that of organisations

Dagnostics and Management

It allows for the diagnosis of the systems in operation and carrying out a survey of future needs, in a correct and precise way, in order to implement a true culture of performance management in organizations

Measuring Value Creation

Develops the necessary skills and knowledge to measure value creation, globally and by segment, from a multidimensional perspective, designing adequate performance reporting

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Are you interested in improving your performance in Management Control and Performance and getting an executive master to leverage your professional future in this area? Consult the brochure and, should you prefer to talk to an advisor, do schedule a session as we will be happy to contribute to your best possible decision.


Shall we start the application?

For whom?_

Managers, middle and senior managers of organisations, responsible for planning, management control, accounting and finance

Heads of business units, or responsibility centres, auditors, accountants, controllers, consultants, ROC and ROC candidates

Professionals, current or potential, responsible for construction, execution and budget control

Executives who wish to acquire, update or deepen their knowledge in this area, namely in the definition of objectives and their monitoring



Unidades Curriculares

  • Management Control Framework
    Strategy and Management Control
    Financial Performance and Accountability
    Financial Performance Analysis
    Information Systems and Technologies for Management
    People Management and Organizational Behavior
    Fiscal Management of Companies
    Planning, Budgeting and Control
    Project Financing
    Project Management Control
    Performance Evaluation and Incentives
    Management Control of Economic Groups
    Management Control and Total Quality
    Modeling Management Control Systems


The investment in this program is 7.590€

This amount includes:

Payment Schedule_

Application fee - 100€

Registration fee - 325 €

Tuition Payment Date Percentage
1st Installment Upon Registration 30%
2nd Installment October 2023 10%
3rd Installment November 2023 10%
4th Installment December 2023 10%
5th Installment January 2024 10%
6th Installment February 2024 10%
7th Installment March 2024 10%
8th Installment April 2024 10%

(*) Maximum cumulative discount of 20%, including special conditions, to be reflected in the last installment(s).



Participating in the Executive Master in Management Control and Performance proved to be a truly unique experience. The program presented a variety of fundamental subjects for professional development, updated to the latest methodologies and good practices in the market. One of the most striking features of the program was its direct connection and applicability to business reality.
Bruno Coelho
Bruno Coelho Financial Controller at Siemens
The biggest differentiating factor of this program is the huge practical component that transports us to the professional reality and that allows us to have an "on time" perspective of the practical applicability in a professional context of the various lessons learned. The balance of this program is incredible!
Nádia Cordeiro
Nádia Cordeiro Finance and Business Controller Manager, SRS Legal
Carlos Santos
Carlos Santos
Patrick Louzeau
Patrick Louzeau
After 4 years of working in the Management Control area, I figured that it would be the right time to broaden my knowledge through advanced and professional education. The Executive Master in Management Control and Performance allowed me to boost my professional growth, since I acquired skills in fields that I usually don't have contact with on a daily basis, managing to build a bridge between the addressed contents. Even though this took place during the pandemic, I managed to deepen my knowledge though the sharing of experiences from both faculty and peers.
Daniela Miguel
Daniela Miguel Management Control Operator - Luz Saúde, SA.
Regina Simões
Regina Simões
Ricardo Ferreira
Ricardo Ferreira
Carina Pádua
Carina Pádua
André Narciso
André Narciso
Sónia Cordeiro
Sónia Cordeiro
Mohamad Yiossuf
Mohamad Yiossuf


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