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Health Services Management

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Gestao de Servicos de Saude

Do you intend to enhance your performance in Health Services Management?_

A program with an unavoidable history and tradition in the area, with more than 20 editions held thus far, a program which has trained hundreds of health professionals and prepared them for high-level intervention both in terms of performance and decision-making capacity but also in terms of the effective management of health services in its various dimensions and levels.


Executive Master Diploma | Postgraduate (with ECTS)


September to july | 9 months


Friday 6:30-10:30 pm | Saturday 9am - 1pm


Training Area




In person




4th phase discount | -7,5% until 22.07

Why choose the Executive Master in Health Services Management?_

Order of Physicians

It is the only programme recognised in the Southern Region of Portugal by the Medical Association for admission to Competency in Health Services Management.

Experienced and Proven Teaching Staff

It has a qualified and reputable teaching staff, with a deep knowledge of management in the Health sector and with proven and irrefutable practical experience in the management of health services

Impact on Health Organisations

Prepares participants for the design, operationalization and application of management tools capable of leveraging the competitiveness, efficiency and effectiveness of organizations in the Health sector


Allows for the sharing of knowledge with other participants, teachers and various alumni enrolled in the programme who hold or have held important positions in the management and leadership of organisations in this sector


Develops knowledge in the domain of the operationalization and application of management tools capable of boosting the performance of organizations, contributing to the formation of true leaders in the Health sector

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For whom?_

Health Services Directors

Physicians with management responsibility or who intend to take over the management of a service/project/team

Administrators of Health Sector Organizations

Professionals who develop or intend to develop their professional activity in the Health area, namely in Health Centres, Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmaceutical Product Producing or Distributing Companies (medicines and medical devices) and Consultancy

Gestao de Servicos de Saude


Curricular Units

  • Applied Statistics
    Team Leadership and Conflict Management
    Health Care Units Management
    Health Politics and Economics
    Corporate finance
    Ethics, Deontology, and Law in Health
    Quality Management in Health
  • Medication Policy
    Management Control
    Human Resource Management
    Clinical Governance
    Logistic Systems in Health Organizations
    Health Marketing
    Strategy in Health Care Organizations
  • Elective 1 | Elective 2


  • Tourism in Health Care
    Change Management in Healthcare Organizations
    Family Business Management

* Decorrerão as optativas que reúnam maior número de inscrições, condicionadas à existência de um número mínimo de participantes.
- Recomenda-se um bom domínio da língua inglesa, utilizada por alguns oradores e principal idioma da bibliografia.
- O programa poderá sofrer alterações e a sua realização encontra-se sujeita a um número mínimo de participantes.

Tuition fee_

The investment in the program is 7.590€

This value includes:

Payment Schedule_

Application Fee - 100€

Application Fee Date Percentage
1st Installment Upon Registration 30%
2nd Installment October 2023 10%
3rd Installment November 2023 10%
4th Installment December 2023 10%
5th Installment January 2024 10%
6th Installment February 2024 10%
7th Installment March 2024 10%
8th Installment April 2024 10%

(*) Maximum cumulative discount of 20%, including special conditions, to be reflected in the last installment(s).


This course has given me tools that allow me to see health and health management in a different light. I've finally realized that there is a certain interdisciplinarity that is very important between the various areas of Health. Above all, these management concepts have given us the tools to manage teams better, especially the teams we work with every day. In this vision, it allows us to improve institutions, and I think we have good tools here to transform the healthcare system.
Pedro Correia Azevedo
Pedro Correia Azevedo Clinical Director of Home Care and Home Hospitalization Unit - CUF
Going through this program was very important for me to be able to have some more concrete bases, and it's important to have knowledge in the area of Management, so that I can then give some opinions based on clinical science, but also with the knowledge acquired in the area of Management, Finance and Economics, because all of this is very much offered in this program. I think this program also strives to be very practical, so that we can assimilate some more theoretical concepts, but also have some practical component. And I also think that one of the most positive factors is that the class is not very big, which allows for a team spirit, a group spirit, which was very interesting during this course, and I will also take away new friendships for life that will make me remember this year I spent here at Iscte Executive Education with great happiness.
Maria Guilhermina Pereira
Maria Guilhermina Pereira Medical Doctor at ARSLVT
I chose this postgraduate course because it is recognized by the Portuguese Medical Association, in the management component and because of its breadth of content, which made me develop as a health professional and as a person. We were able to find networking that we wouldn't be able to find in any other postgraduate course on this subject. We are faced with interested, concerned teachers who only want to see us grow and obtain the best possible skills. I like this program because they focus a lot on leadership, because in order to be good managers, and above all, we need to be good leaders. This postgraduate course is and will be a very important component for our healthcare organizations and will certainly improve healthcare in Portugal, as in the rest of the world.
Catarina Sofia Fernandes
Catarina Sofia Fernandes Senior Clinical Analysis and Public Health Technician at Fernanda Galo Laboratórios
This program made a lot of sense when I saw it, because the course completely corresponds to the expectations I had. What I find most interesting are essentially three things: firstly, the content covered, because it's really relevant in terms of subject matter and science. Secondly, this new experience of being able to have closer contact with the lecturers than we did when we were at university, in every respect, in terms of age, experience and, finally, being able to pass on our experiences, our way of experiencing situations and of understanding and learning from the experiences of our colleagues on the course, in an open way and in an academic environment, with our colleagues, with our peers. I hope that this competence will help me, during my remaining career, to take on other challenges, perhaps in management, inside or outside the structure to which I belong.
Hugo Rodrigues
Hugo Rodrigues Vascular Surgeon Hospital das Forças Armadas
As a perioperative nurse, I saw myself in the right place to develop skills in management applied to the health field, skills that I consider necessary to have success in the projects that I am currently involved in. The Executive Master in Health Services Management has very updated and differentiating contents, a lot of real business cases that promoted the personal and professional growth I was aiming for. I found a highly-skilled faculty body, always available and focused on the mission to promote my growth. It is an experience filled with networking: I met amazing people, colleagues that pushed me to the highest of my potential. The staff is also nice, available and focused on promoting a positive experience. It is a learning journey that I recommend to everyone who wishes to develop skills in this field.
Raquel Girão
Raquel Girão Perioperative Nurse | CHLO - Santa Cruz Hospital
I enrolled in the Executive Master in Health Management Services due to the fact that I fet that, from the moment that you are leading teams or managing services, you need the adequate management tools in order to succeed. I chose Iscte Executive Education for being a well-known business school and due to the fact that this program is recognized by the Medical Association for admission to the competency in Management. I found a skilled faculty, worried about passing the most updated knowledge in the health field, and a student body with a diverse background regarding their training areas. It was an enriching environment, filled with sharing and experience exchange between professionals of several areas, being this facilitated by the networking felt in the classroom.
Bruno Ferreira
Bruno Ferreira General Surgeon
It was an opportunity to improve and develop through an integrated learning approach anchored on a very solid scientific basis across several fields of knowledge that are interconnected in health services management, from ethics, deontology and law, to epidemiology, management control, finance and economics, to the management of health units and people.
Ângelo Manuel Ferreira Silva
Ângelo Manuel Ferreira Silva Nuclear Medicine Specialist, Champalimaud Center for the Unknown, Fundação Champalimaud


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