Executive Master
Business Administration for Non-management Graduates

Master the Real World.


Would you like to pursue an executive qualification in Management, but you are trained in another area of knowledge?_

Join us in this unique programme in what it brings to the job market; it has a huge diaspora in Portugal and across the world given the more than 38 editions that have been carried out in the past few years. The program adds a layer of management knowledge to the original academic backgrounds of participants, creating fully-equipped managers of enormous professional value. 


Executive Master Diploma | Postgraduate (with ECTS)


September to June | 9 months


Friday 6:30pm - 10:30pm | Saturday 9am - 1pm


Training Area


In person








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Why choose the Executive Master in Business Administration for Non-Management Graduates?_


It approaches in an integrated and systemic way the most recent concepts of business management with a particular focus on leadership skills, and is accompanied by a programme at the Marine Leadership School

Pragmatism in Learning

It traverses management areas and provides key contemporary tools in use by top-notch executives, allowing participants to grow in management thinking and decision-making in such a way as to complement the basic training in other areas of knowledge that they are endowed with prior to commencement


It encourages participation in discussion forums and the sharing of ideas with members of faculty and other managers coming from all walks of life and across several types of organisations, allowing for the building up of an invaluable network of contacts, one that is truly difficult to match

Business Base

The program strongly emphasyzes a solid connection to practical knowledge which is made possible by the substantial business base to which ISCTE Executive Education is linked

Tradition and Innovation combined in Safe Management Value

The program is unique and has built a reputation over the years for being innovative and a real paradigm-breaker. The program positions itself as a safe and unique value proposition for those who want to go into management or already being in it, want to put together a body of management knowledge that stands to contextualize their foundational academic backgrounds

Download brochure and schedule a meeting_

Are you interested in leveraging your basic knowledge with the right complement in management for executives and obtain an executive master to leverage your professional future and reach a higher level? Consult the brochure and, should you prefer to speak with an advisor, do schedule a session as we will be happy to help you arrive at the best possible decision.



Ready to start your application?

For whom?_

Professionals, executives and managers without management training who wish to acquire, deepen or supplement their knowledge and skills base in the management area from a global perspective.

Staff trained in other areas of knowledge who wish to acquire a 360º vision of management in organisations, thereby strengthening their skills.

Graduates in non-management areas, determined to anticipate change and lead transformation, crossing borders and breaking with the mainstream.



Curricular Units

  • Financial Performance Assessment
    Strategy and Business Development
    Human Resource Management (Pg, Ge)
    Business Marketing
    Negotiation (Pg)
    Management Control Systems (Mx)
    Data and Information Analysis
    Communication Tools
    Corporate Finance
    Supply Chain Management
    Leadership and Team Management
  • Elective 1
  • Elective 2


  • Company Valuation
    Economic Debates for Managers
    Commercial and Customer Management
    Brand management
    Financial Risk Management
    Integrated Business Performance Management
    Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    Economic Stabilization Policy
    Business Recovery
    Financial Reporting
* Decorrerão as optativas que reúnam maior número de inscrições, condicionadas à existência de um número mínimo de participantes.
- Recomenda-se um bom domínio da língua inglesa, utilizada por alguns oradores e principal idioma da bibliografia.
- O programa poderá sofrer alterações e a sua realização encontra-se sujeita a um número mínimo de participantes.

Tuition fee_

The investment in the program is 7.990€

This Value includes:

Payment Schedule_

Application Fee - 100€

Application Fee Date Percentage
1st Installment Upon Registration 30%
2nd Installment October 2023 10%
3rd Installment November 2023 10%
4th Installment December  2023 10%
5th Installment January 2024 10%
6th Installment February  2024 10%
7th Installment March 2024 10%
8th Installment April 2024 10%

(*) Maximum cumulative discount of 20%, including special conditions, to be reflected in the last installment(s).


Participating in this program has helped me to understand the transversal nature of management. So I can follow the dialogues, I can help much better and incorporate these challenges together with Human Resources and I feel that it has had an impact on my career path. I've already progressed in my career and that's due to the knowledge I'm acquiring with Business Administration for Non-management Graduates. The differentiating factors were undoubtedly the availability of the teachers, the classes were always very interesting and easy to follow and the stimulation of the program itself.
Diogo Alves
Diogo Alves ssociate Manager, My Change
The holistic approach of the Program, the constant quality and availability of the Faculty, the timeliness and relevance of the syllabus, but also the sharing and constant call for overcoming that characterized my Working Group, made this journey a remarkable experience. As it is a highly demanding and intensive program, it allowed me to acquire new skills and knowledge in key management domains, relevant to my professional career.
André Fernandes
André Fernandes


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