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Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Advanced Skills Set.

Logistica e gestao da cadeia de abasteciemnto

An Approach to Business Models in the Digital Era_

In an era of the "uberization" of business models, it makes evermore sense to be able to value the performance of a supply chain manager. Do you want physical deliveries to originate from online ordering? Do you face capacity and installed capacity problems in serving customers? Are stocks a problem? Are there financial issues that come with that? Do you want to look outside your business model and get acquainted with the best practices outside your business? If you have said yes to any of these questions, then this program is for you.




october until march / 6 months


Tuesday and Thursday | 6:30pm -10:30pm


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Investment 1st phase -15% until February 28th

Why choose this Post-graduate course?_

Contemporary Topics Covered

The program stands apart from similar training currently offered in the market in that it scrutinizes the operations of the likes of Amazon, Uber, Glovo, McDonalds, IKEA, amongst several others. It does so, with the aim of knowing and understanding the key dimensions of development and operations that are central to the business models of these organisations.


Case-study based learning, that focuses on key areas of knowledge and on the drivers that will instigate the business models of the future. These are deemed to focus on sustainability, both in physical product environments but also in service environments where intangible solutions are sought


It provides for a unique networking opportunity

Intensive Challenge Weekend

Includes an immersive weekend with a Supply Chain Management project, where acquired knowledge is applied

Faculty Expertise

The faculty body includes some of the most experienced and reputed professionals in the Supply Chain area, in that ISCTE has been the most prolific university in supplying logistics and supply chain management professionals to the market

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To Whom?_

To anyone who acknowledges that without the operations component, (and even more so in the digital world of today), they will hardly stand a chance of competing in today´s cut-throat market

Anyone who wishes to use operations as a key competitive advantage to their business model All those who are working on products, services or solutions (with or without physical transformation) and who understand how critical operations are to thinking and managing time, cost and quality of service.

Logistica e Gestao da Cadeia de Abastecimento


Curricular Units

  • Multicriteria Analysis in the Supply Chain
    Supply Chain Analytics
    Strategy and Value Creation in Supply Chains
    Final Intensive Weekend
    Finance for Supply Chain Management
    Applied Supply Chain Operations Management
    Applied Supply Chain Project Management
    Logistics and Purchasing Management
    Supply Chain Leadership and Team Management
    Supply Chain Best Practices
    Contract Negotiation and Management in the Supply Chain
    Digital Transformation in Supply Chain and Industry 4.0

Tuition Fee_

The investment in the program is 3.490€

This Value includes:

Payment Schedule_

Application Fee - 100€

Application Fee for early May 2021 Date Percentage
1st  Installment Upon registration 25%
2nd Installment June 15, 2021 15%
3rd Installment July 15, 2021 15%
4th Installment August 15, 2021 15%
5th Installment September 15, 2021 15%
6th Installment October 15, 2021 15%

(*) Maximum cumulative discount of 20%, including special conditions, to be reflected in the last installment(s).


Hélia Filipe
Hélia Filipe
The Applied Program in Logistics and Supply Chain Management is undoubtedly an asset to my day-to-day life as a Logistics Data Specialist at Solvay, since it contributes largely to provide me with basic tools and concepts in the area of Logistics. With an excellent teaching staff, the classes are oriented towards transmitting and maximizing knowledge and current techniques of direct use in logistics and supply chain activities. This training, due to its very high quality, is, and will be, a unique contribution in my professional career and therefore I recommend it to all professionals in the sector.
Nuno Farinha
Nuno Farinha Logistics Specialist
The program makes a transversal approach to very relevant matters in the logistics area, from the strategic plan to the operational plan, incorporating the most recent management currents, for the logistics area, with a focus on improving operational results through the development of core competencies. The relevance is all the more significant in the current pandemic context, which acts as an accelerator for the paradigm shift, being critical for companies to (re)adjust their business model.
Vitor Machado
Vitor Machado Head of Aftersales at The Phone House Portugal


Executive education
master in management
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