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Towards personal change_

Reflective Emotion Management" is the ability that each person has to incorporate new knowledge, information or discoveries of an emotional nature into action environments in order to reconstitute, reorganise and recreate new models of thinking, feeling and acting.

The Advanced Programme in Emotional Development and Coaching (DEMCO) proposes an approach that seeks to provide answers and specific tools for some critical issues in the management of emotions, the answers to which can strongly condition changes in attitudes and daily behaviour.

It is a programme with an intensely interactive and reflective approach, focused on defining priorities to achieve personal change objectives and best practices to boost development. Ready to change your future?


Advanced Program | Post-graduate


May to October | 140 hours


Fri 13:30 - 17:30 and 18:30 - 22:30 l Sat 9:00 - 13:00


Training Area
Management and Personal Development




In person




4ª phase application | 30 april

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Why choose this course?_

Part 1 - Processes in Emotion Management and Leadership

In this part, the programme proposes an approach that seeks to provide specific indications and tools for some fundamental issues in terms of the emotional management of leaders and that allow the distinctive characteristics of an emotionally intelligent leader to be consolidated, such as:

Being "true" to yourself, even if it comes at a huge personal cost, and not simply giving in to the pressures of the "main stream", which often lead to inconsequential and ineffective practices.



Permanently adopt a thought structure that allows you to move quickly from negative emotion to constructive action.


Embrace demanding challenges and don't miss the opportunity to learn and benefit from understanding what you can gain or learn from failure.


Assuming that the risks of trusting and perhaps making mistakes are always less critical than those of distrusting and not giving opportunities.

Avoid unnecessary censorship and blame and focus your attention permanently on actions that are within your reach, with the aim of being able to solve or manage the problem at hand.

Its teaching staff are some of the most experienced and reputable professionals in the field, who will keep a close eye on our participants throughout the programme.

Part 2 - Professional Coach Training Level 1

Part 2 of the Emotional Development and Coaching programme provides the techniques, methods and tools to develop each participant's coaching activity:


Coaching is considered a fundamental tool for personal development and for building high-performance teams.

It's a complex and very demanding job that requires the leader to have an additional capacity for self-awareness, emotional restraint and detachment from their own personal references.

Throughout the programme participants will have the opportunity to experience their own process of change and discover the impact that coaching has on the professional growth and development of individuals and teams.

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To Whom?_

All people and professionals with aspirations for more structured, leadership positions, where strong emotional preparation and a high level of self-awareness and self-management are required.
It prepares people for significant growth in terms of decision-making, autonomy, self-acceptance, improving their positive points and managing their less positive aspects.
It's a programme strongly aimed at those who really need to grow and really want to grow, while still feeling unprepared to do so. It accelerates maturity, autonomy and good behaviour.
Basically, it's a life accelerator and a boost - for anyone in any field looking to better manage themselves and others in any context. Of course, the emotional components are fundamental to this.


Part 1 - Processes in Emotion Management and Leadership (70 hours)_
  • Neurobiology of Emotions | 8 hours 
  • Emotions and Quality of Life | 8 hours
  • Uncounscious Bias and Leadership | 8 hours
  • Negative Emotions - Understanding, Accepting and Managing | 8 hours
  • Emotionally Intelligent Leadership | 12 hours
  • Core Competences in Emotional Leadership | 24 hours 
  • Final balance and presentation of the 2nd part of the programme | 2 hours
Part 2 - Professional Coach Training Level 1 - ICF ACC (Associate Certified COACG) (70 hours)_
  • Module 1 - The Foundations of Coaching | 20 hours
  • Module 2 - Mind Maps, Beliefs and Values | 20 hours
  • Module 3 - GROW model and language | 20 hours

    Mentoring | 10 hours

Tuition Fee_

The investment in the program is 4.900€

This amount includes:

Payment Schedule_

Application fee - 100€
Registration fee - 190€

Payment Schedule Date Percentage
1st Installment Upon registration 25%
2nd Installment June 2024 15%
3rd Installment July 2024 15%
4th Installment August 2024 15%
5th Installment September 2024 15%
6th Installment October 2024 15%

(*) Maximum cumulative discount of 20%, including special conditions, to be reflected in the last installment(s).


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