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Big Data for Business and Engineering

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Executive Diploma Big Data for Business and Engineering

Prepare to take advantage of Big Data and Engineering_

We are in the digital age where the words Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are no longer exotic, but part of the lexicon of management, finance, marketing and business. The needs of consumers (real or "invented" by companies) and the intense competitiveness in all markets require the business world and academia to always seek innovation. As things stand innovation "lives here", in intelligent systems and in big databases.

This programme provides inter-disciplinarity, based upon modern and essential tools that open doors to the mastery of technology and the realisation of value in business through Big Data Business Engineering.


Executive Diploma


September to July | 9 months


Tuesday to Thursdayi 6:30pm-10:30pm


Training Area



In Person | Online




2nd psase -10% until 31 may 2021

Why choose this Executive Master?_

Up-to-date Content

It distinguishes itself from all existing training offers in timeliness of its content, interdisciplinarity, and the need to analyze, become aware and take advantage of Big Data in the business world. Its contentes also correspond to a growing concern manifested by companies that are (or wish to be) in the forefront


The learning method is intended to be very practical, focusing on the resolution of real cases giving a deep insight into the new methodologies and Big Data technologies applied to Management. Presentations, debates, challenges and the use of highly competitive software (Python and R) which will contribute to the sharing and transfer of knowledge in a comprehensive and systematic way


Allows the sharing of knowledge and experiences with other participants, with diversified professional and academic backgrounds and with top lecturers and blue-chip company executives.

Immersive Weekend

Includes an immersive weekend with a Project in Business Engineering, where the knowledge transmitted throughout the course will be applied.

Faculty Expertise

The teaching staff are some of the most experienced and reputable professionals in the areas of Management, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

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Learn how to establish a relationship between management, the business world and technology allowing you to take advantage of information systems and Big Data in data analysis, modelling and decision making.

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To Whom?_

All those who anticipate the signs of the times and understand the need to acquire skills in the analysis of Big Data in an increasingly "informational" society.

All those who have already understood that Big Data is a big business, and that this programme indeed constitues an opportunity to gain competitive advantage for your organisation.

All those who do not want to be left "behind" and indeed wish to be up to scratch with the state of the art of data analysis (methods, techniques and specific software for Big Data).

Executive Diploma Big Data for Business and Engineering para quem


  • Speed Connection Day
    Customer Journey & Digital Marketing
    Decision Making Systems
    Design Thinking Innovation Process
    Agile Management: From Projects to Life
    Leadership & People Management in the Digital Era
    Corporate Finance
    Phyton for Managers
    Applied Machine Learning
    AI, IoT, Cloud Computing and Blockchain
    Big Data Management for Explorers
    Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics
    AI Data-Driven Risk Management

Special Conditionss_

Alumni ISCTE Executive Education and ISCTE-IUL: - 5%

Club Alumni Partner: -5%

Ready Payment: -5%


Tuition fee_

The investement in the program is 3.490€

This value includes:

Payment Schedule_

Application Fee - 100€

Upon Regisration fee - 325 €

Application Fee Date Percentage
1st Installment Upon Registration 30%
2nd Installment October 2021 10%
3rd Installment November 2021 10%
4th Installment December 2021 10%
5th Installment January 2022 10%
6th Installment February 2022 10%
7th Installment March 2022 10%
8th Installment April 2022 10%

(*) Maximum cumulative discount of 20%, including special conditions, to be reflected in the last installment(s).


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