Workshop Robert Walters

Workshop “Salary Negotiation” com Robert Walters

18 de março


The workshop “Salary Negotiation” aims to offer students a complete overview of what are the main structures on a salary negotiation, what kind of questions to expect, what they need to consider before starting the talk with their manager and how to be successful at the end.


A good salary negotiation needs to be well structured and well detailed before the conversation starts. What is the best way to bring this subject up? What to expect from your manager and how to be ready to answer all kinds of questions?

In this online workshop, François will firstly introduce Robert Walters and go through some key tips on what is a good negotiation, how to build a salary negotiation strategy, what to expect from your manager and how to be prepared to answer key questions from your manager.


On the second part of the workshop, there will be practical examples of real questions and situations and how you could best answer to each of them in a highly professional way and make sure you get a successful result. In the end, there will be a Q&A where the audience can continue the debate and ask further questions.



François Pierre

François-Pierre Puech

Country Manager



6:30PM_About Robert Walters
6:45PM_Negotiation - Definitions
7:00PM_Negotiation strategies
7:15PM_DO’s & DONT's
7:30PM_Role Play

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