Real-Life Masterclass


Digital Health Talks III: “Global Digital Health Update: What’s news?”

26th September | 18h30 (Lisbon) / 19h30 (Brussels)


As part of our Digital Health Talks (3rd edition), we will have 3 talks until the start the Applied Online Program in Digital Health, in November 2023. In an informal environment we will discuss important aspects of digital transition in health and of the growing use of digital health solutions and approaches by healthcare organizations and individuals as they face old and new health system challenges.


In this first talk, in English, we will discuss and update on what is new on digital health around the world. Join us.

This conversation will be moderated by the Diretor of the Applied Online Program in Digital Health Prof. Henrique Martins.

Program of the Session_


  • 18h30 | Openning |  Prof. Henrique Martins
  • 18h40 | 1st round of talk on Global Digital Health Update: What’s News

    At WHO Europe II Digital Health Summit, Porto? – Clayton H (WHO Europe)


    From the Radical Health Festival, Helsinki 2023? – Stephan B (Malta)


    3min from MedInfo2023 conference in Australia? – Myron G. (Australia)


    What news on Digital Health from Brazil? – Heimar F. (Brazil)


    New needs in AI and Digital Health in Africa – Wuleta L. (Portugal)


    Digital Health in and around Asia - Alvin M. (Philippines)


    Perspectives from AMIA, IMIA, and Canada - Elaine H (Canada)

  • 19h00 | What do these changes mean for all who want to prepare for a future in digital health? | Debate and Q&A: Moderator - Prof. Henrique Martins
  • 19h25 | Outline of the Course  
  • 19h30 | Closure

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