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Data and ai challenges for organizations

Data and A.I. challenges for organizations the role of C-level

1 de outubro, 17:00 - 18:00


A.I. is trendy, sexy and the vision for the future. It cannot be ignored. When it comes to A.I. success is not an option, it is a must. Is it enough to hire a top notch CTO, CMO, CIO to succeed? Is it enough to hire a dream team of experts? Is it enough to create a beautiful communication strategy? What will make A.I. promising or dangerous for you? Join the experts on their experience and insights.


Ana Maria Lopes

Ana Maria Lopes


Ricardo Vargas

Ricardo Vargas

CEO Consulting House

Bernardo Gomes Pinto

Bernardo Gomes Pinto

AI Business Hub


17:00_Introduction by ISCTE
17:10_"Data and AI Challenges for Organizations – The role of C-Level" Ricardo Vargas and Ana Maria Lopes

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