Webinar Series



Creating Societal Impact - Why, How, What?

22th November | 14:00 GMT


As we entered the Decade of Action, we have all been called upon to contribute decisively to the United Nations 2030 Agenda, and particularly in Europe, to embrace the European Green Deal. While many of the necessary transformations require systemic responses, there is also much to be done by companies.


The ‘MBA in Sustainable Management Webinar series – Why, How and What?’ aims at raising the debate around different topics of management that are critical for professionals that are willing to drive change for a better future.


This webinar, organized with FLAD, focuses on 'Creating Societal Impact'.


In this session will discuss:

- Why do we need to be concerned about sustainability?
- How can the creation of societal impact be interact with sustainability?
- What can companies do to boost their social impact toward a better future?

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