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Real-Life Master Class Conversations about Digital Health in Europe

Conversations about Digital Health in Europe: the role of the World Health Organization

24th march | 7pm (GMT/Lisbon) 8pm (CET/Brussels)



The World Health Organization (WHO) is a very famous organization in health and public health but it does not only worry itself with COVID-19 or other public health threats. WHO has a long record of work in the area of Digital Health, specially in the European Region, which includes more than 50 counties with a variety of experiences.


In 2020, the WHO Euro and its Countries, including Portugal, adopted the European Program of Work (for details click here) and its four flagship initiatives. The second of these is the “Empowerment through Digital Health”. Of all four, none is more transversal to the others, or critical to the attainment of the three core priorities. None is so urgent. None is so significantly underdeveloped in terms of dedicated structures, processes, and people both in WHO Euro and its Countries.  


Digital Health Flagship is being developed by Mr. Clayton Hamilton and his team in WHO, following over more than 15 years of experience in ehealth/digital health. He is available to tell ISCTEEE students and future students about this initiative, the new roadmap and the way the WHO is positioning to be an active player in Digital Health.


You are welcome to this session. It will be informal. We will be hearing from Mr Clayton Hamilton and then Prof. Henrique Martins, our director for the new course Advanced Program in Digital Health will be asking a set of questions and opening the floor for the audience.



7.00pm_Open – Henrique Martins
7.10pm_Digital Health in Europe – Clayton Hamilton
7.40pm_Audience questions (very welcome via chat/verbally)
7.50pm_Brief teaser on the Advanced Program in Digital Health


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Clayton Hamilton

Mr. Clayton Hamilton leads the digital health flagship programme within the WHO Regional Office for Europe’s Division for Country Health Policies and Systems.


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