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Bringing real value to enterprises with AI

Bringing real value to entreprises with AI

2 de julho, 18:30


In this webinar, Wojtek Kuberski, a founder of Prophecy Labs, will talk about the AI lifecycle, the most impactful use cases, and ensuring that AI solutions deliver tangible results. We will also discuss case studies to shed light on the details of implementing AI solutions in enterprises and explain what the necessary components of every successful AI project are.

Understand the big picture behind AI, where it is applicable, the main cases addressed by this technology in this moment and, above all, the planning work that must be done in the all phases of a nAI project. Wojtek will provide you a complete and useful guide to extract the most of AI in your organization, avoiding common errors so you can achieve the desirable and established goals.

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Wojtek Kuberski

Prophecy Labs
Founder of Prophecy Labs

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